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Double Kayak Rear| TC Watersports Double Kayak Rear| TC Watersports
Double Kayak Rear | TC Watersports Double Kayak Rear | TC Watersports


Pelican Kayak - Apex 130
Length: 10 ft (Single), 13 ft (Double)
Capacity: 250 lbs. (Single), 500 lbs. (Double)

Take out a Kayak and enjoy a peaceful paddle across the tranquil waters of East Grand Traverse Bay. Our water is so clear you will be able to see king salmon and many other native fish species swimming beneath you even at depths of over 20 feet. Because of their range and adaptability, kayaks can be useful for a variety of water activities such as diving, fishing, and wildlife exploration. Float along our majestic shoreline enjoying a picturesque waterside view of Old Mission Peninsula.

Rental includes:
Life Jacket

Aquatic Adventure – Parasail/Jetski Combo – $159

This deal allows the purchaser to go parasailing and rent a JetSki for an hour at a discounted rate. The purchaser will save $15 on the parasailing and $15 on the Jetski totaling $30 in savings.

Coupon Code: N/A Copy and paste the code above at checkout.
Jet Ski Rental

 Skip across the surface of the bay with lightning fast acceleration and top speeds of over 50 mph.

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Pontoon Rental

Looking for some R&R with your family or a group of friends? Our Harris Flotebote Pontoons are a great option for most renters, new and experienced alike.

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Deck Boat Rental

The troops are ready and it’s time to play… our deck boat will provide you the capacity and versatility of a pontoon with the performance and feel of a ski boat?

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